Where should infielders take throws from the outfield.

An important part of taking throws from the outfield is where a player positions themselves in relation to where the ball is. If a throw is coming in to 3rd base from the right field side of the outfield, the 3rd baseman should be asking to receive the throw on the infield side of the baseline. If the 3rd baseman sees the ball is on the left side of 2nd base from their angle, they should ask for the ball on the outside of the baseline. The object here is to never have a throw coming from the outfield which has to cross the path of a baserunner making it much more difficult to receive the throw.

So if you are receiving a throw at a base, position yourself straddling the base so that you can see the runner and the ball, give a target asking for the ball so that the ball doesn’t have to cross the running path of the baserunner.

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