Baseball Defensive Rotation of The Week

* Over 300 animations with every player moving.
* All 8 possible base runner combinations covered.
* Infield and outfield coverages for all base runner combinations.
* Proper cuts and relays from 7 different outfield locations for the appropriate game situations.
*Includes bunt coverages for 1st back, 3rd back and standard bunt defenses with different rotations for each.
* Every players role animated in every situation.
* Draw on the active animation.
* Create better practice plans – Win more games – Save practice time.

Give the DRAW ON SCREEN button a try. Hide the text on the screen with the SHOW OR HIDE text button. Use the SLIDER BAR to run the play at your own speed. Click the START PLAY Button to put the players in motion.

The subscriber version of the InMotion Baseball Playbook Runs Full Screen