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“The program is easy to use and very detailed. It is clearly going to change the way we communicate and coach our players.”

Tim Walton University of Florida Softball

NCAA College World Series Champions

InMotion Testimonials

"This tool not only works great with players, it's also a wonderful training tool for our newer coaches in the 10U and 12U levels. This is a one of a kind training tool, and I love it.”

- James Lambert

President of Blaze Fastpitch

Varsity Coach at Beaverton High School

InMotion Testimonials

“Yogi Berra once said 'Baseball is ninety percent mental. The other half is physical.' The girls are getting a little mental class-time in with the app. Thank you InMotion!”

- Impact Gold STX Gunz

InMotion Testimonials

“Excellent tool to make sure everybody is on the same page every play. Great value – definitely worth the cost”

- Patti Lynne

InMotion Testimonials

“Our chalk talks are a lot more fun with this app! We can view it on the big screen tv or iPads. The girls can see exactly what to do on defense given every scenario! More fun than just listening to coach.”

- Chicago Fireworks

InMotion Testimonials

“This is a great app and I use it constantly with my high school team. I have been coaching for 25 years and this is the only app of its kind. Our players have increased their baseball IQ 10 times over! Keep up the great work!”

- Coach Anderson

InMotion Testimonials

“I downloaded the app and it looks awesome! We will definitely use this app to step up our game!”

- Tony Taft

InMotion Testimonials

“Love the program. We use it weekly and it helps our players visualize what they need to do. Keep up the great work.”

- Firecrackers FL

InMotion Testimonials